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I Wasnt Starstruck
Saturday, October 31, 2009

Taking It All In
Woke up at 12 today:p hehehehehe bangga sangat.Might be getting the camera today.My little sister is annoying,Trust me you wont last a day with her-.-Im not going to AAR today,sadly so.Mel's going,lucky her.Sheesh.I just had lunch.Yummy-ness(':I really wanna slap the goverment people and the parents who complained to them that we waste our time during the holidays-.-Eff you laaa!Oh not to mention their children need a good slapping too.I wish i was an octopus so i could slap all of them at the same timeeee>:)

Swimming with the fishes,arissa<3

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Like Taking Candy From A Baby
Friday, October 30, 2009
Human Nature
Ohmygawd,watched Micheal Jackson's 'This Is It'yesterday,Yeah it rocked.Boy,he's a perfectionist.It was so emotional and funny at the same time.The concert would have been great i tell you.He's one person to look up to(':*applause.Oh today was okay,tak bnyk shittyy.And the setoopid goverment extended the exam to four weeks.Bodoh gila babi sial.Ughh,could they be more selfish?Oh mama just left to Istanbul.Praying that she'll have a safe trip there and back.I love you,momsies.Take care<3

Happy Halloween,arissa<3

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You Knew It Was Comin
Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ugh,could you be more screwed?
Like today was not the day you wish for.KH was crappy if your wondering.Rehat was the worst,I found out about two things that i really didn't wanted to hear.Im frustrated and mad all at the same time.I gotta take a chill pil.But i cant:/.Lend me your ears,if you please?So i can scream in it.Oh and aina,steroids?Why are you using steroids?HAHAHAHAHA beat THAT sucka-er!:D

SHA,be strong princess(':
Lotsa love,arissakins-yes mars came up with that name hahah(:

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Doctor,How Much Time Does She Have?
Tuesday, October 27, 2009

English Was Like The Icing On The Cake(':
Zomg,english was damn easy!It was bascially questions like ABC and 123 ahaha.Oh and The Gay Guy got punished by Puan Nafsah today.He even cried,haha to tell you the truth i kesian dia.But what he did to aina was wrong.Okay,tomorrow's agama.Holy Fishcakes O_O.Kalau i bangun awal esok,might be going to the library.I said might.But i really need to.I was thinking of making a Halloween Party after the exams.And lucky for me,my daddio gave me the green light to do one(':Hoyeeeeeaahhh!But he asked me do i want a party or a RM2000 camera?There,i was speechless.A Halloween Party or a RM2000 camera that i've been wanting so long?Ish,daddio might be a softie,but boy does he know how to make people regret(:

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Your Definitely On My A-List,Mister(:
Monday, October 26, 2009

Ya'Allah Bukan Main Susah Exam!!!
I feel like punching somebody in the guts right now.Anyone wanna offer?Okay,today was BM1 and BM2.Seriously,torturing lagi relaxing okay?BM2 started first,and how was you asked?Like hitting your head on a table made of iron.Yeahp,it was that hard.BM1 was slightly better than i thought it would be.A little hentam here and a little hentam there.HAHA,like shit man.And tinggal lagi berapa paper..lemme see,umm,16.Tak banyak sangat kan?*presses buzzer*WRONG!Like wth?Are you trippin?Ughhh.I might be going to the library tomorrow nak study english.Hopefully english will be awesome..Hopefully.But before that im gonna do my hair.Yeah i know,apahal minah ni buat rambut masa exam?-.-'Whatev's,my world,not yours kan?A girl gotta do her exam and still look good y'know(:Insyallah,i dapat lulus semua exam(':

Good Riddens,small fry<3
Lotsa love,arissa yun<3

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And The Party Dont Start Till I Walk In
Thursday, October 22, 2009
Zomg.Exam's next week.Give me my Maths book pronto.
Pleaseeee Allah i beg you let me do well for my exam:)
I wanna get into a really good class,no doubt.I have been studying my ass off.I just hope its all worth it:)
Like seriously,i have never studied in my whole life before,okay?haahahahahah UPSR pun buat bodoh je -.-'Ohmygawd dah la esk last day belajar:')Ariveddeci Form 1 text books!Me gonna miss this year:(Awwwwww,i wanna get the friggin exam over with.I hope i'll get all A's:')Ohhhh have mercyyy hahahahaah(y)

Xoxo,arissa yang awesome tuuu hahahaha how rempitt-.-'

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Tania's Crib
Sunday, October 18, 2009

Photos from Fafa's MySpace Page:p

Went to Tania's today for her open house,and yes it was awesome;)haha,Harith was like the only guy hanging out with us ahaha.Oh did i mention both Tania and Harith wore black:')Bring on the wedding bells!Hahahaha,me and my dad were like totally lost we had to call Tania's mom-.-'It took us 30 minutes just to find Tania's house.We pranked call Ezika the Loser,Harith was Mel's dad,me and Tania were Mel's mom hahaha:pThat was radical.Oh then he called again and i said i was Natasha from Britain which was stupid cause i wasnt from Britain-.-'After Aina,Harith and Farah left we went the park.There were rempits there,ugghh.I played with this cool kinda roller slide,i did the moonwalk haha YEAH BAYBEH!I had to send Ilya and Talya home.I guest thats the end(malas nak tulis).Haha,thanks Tania for inviting me to your super awesome house:')Im soooo coming again next year AHAHA!(:

Farewell mysterious blog reader:)
XoXo,arissa yun

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Some shittyy-shatter
Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Went to aina's house today:)There was mel,mars,me and aina je.
And this is the crap we talked about:

How were you born?:
Arissa:Born normally
Aina:Was mistaken a frog cause everytime she blinked mesti ada bunyi
Mel:Was an accident
Mars:Was dead for 1 hour and came back to life(hahahahah)
Tania:Was dead for 2 days and came back to life(im still wondering why her parents didnt burry her hahahah)you know i love you tania;)

Im telling this is all TRUE!!!hahahahaha<33333

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With No Doubt
Sunday, October 4, 2009
Had a blast at ain's house:)Thanks,ain!All of us got escorted from our very own rempits ahaha(no offence,guys)We changed into our going out clothes at ain's.Then my dad picked us up and send us to OU:)Where we went Karaoke-ing.....hells to the yeah!!!!!
Here's some photos,note that Sha wasn't there cause she was hanging out with her hubby *keningskenings;)hahahahaha

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