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Friday, July 31, 2009

Hey,Bloggers !
Arissa here. Well,obviously hahaha.
Anyways,having major problems with editing my fonts and whatnots so bear with me while I fix ze problems okay?

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To Tania,Tasha,Farah,Mars,Mel,Hanis,Falla and Aina:)
Monday, July 27, 2009

Let's all be silly again:p

Girls,i ain't trying to start a fight,just trying to fix it....
I am also not trying to point fingers too.
Sooo you tell me,what's the prize you get for being wrong?Did you get respect?Or did you get better friends,hmm?Wait..i didn't hear didn't get anything?Niceee.Even you know your wrong.I know i am.I'm really,really sorry for treating yall' badly.I did not mean anything.If i did do something wrong,i am sorry times a BILLION.Hope you will accept my sincere apolagies.Okay,moving on.Ya' knowzzzz,the more we fight the more we make some people happier.Which is dang wrong:/ We keep saying to each other..'I Love You,maann' or 'Your the best' and the oh so famous 'I can count on you'.The next day,this is what comes out of OUR MOUTHS..'I hate you,bitch!' or something like 'Damn,your brain is smaller than a miniscule!'.Ohhh,we sound really smart..NOT!!I think we're all wrong(that includes me).We're blaming each other.Like crap laa weiii.My big sister,Sha,whom is now in form five,had her ups and downs with her friends.They would fight,and then suddenly start hugging:)haha.Let's act like nothing happened.Okay tomorrow at school,i want everyone of you to have big,huge smiles on your faces and don't fight or do any bickering..Do i make myself clear?I i make myself clear?Good.Now give me an air hug;)ahahahahah,love you guys ta' bits<3

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Okay,we got an overdose of laughter today-.-'
I came to aina's house today(usual lepak place sebelum pegi sklh).It was all for that photoshoot(which name i will not say).Sampai je,was about 10.30,terus naik bilik aina.There inside aina's room,was Tasha,Aina,Mars and Falla.Falla bought all the 'stuffs' for the photoshoot but was not noted that it was cancelled to next week-__-.Kesian dia.A couple of minutes later Farah Nadzirah camed.TWO hours later,mel camed.Tania couldn't come cos she had to go to the tailor:).Hanged around aina's house till 2.00.Took some off the hook pictures,haha:p then blasted off to school.
NOTE:Aina's cousin from britain is HOOOOTTTTTT *drooolllll

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Friday, July 10, 2009
how to start?okay,first of all..the nite was effing awesome!!
serious doee.yuna performed her three famous songs:Bacpacking around eruope,Rocket and Dan sebenarnya:) then masa yuna nk balik dh,everyone mcm berebut nk tangkap gmbr ngan dia-.-'
Moi,Tania,Sha,Falla and F.N waited for her to finish her interview.When she was finished,we went up to her and asked,'Umm..Yuna,can we take a picture with you?'.She was so nice.She said she loved our outfits*Blush*.hahaha.Took more than 5 pictures.Ambik autograph semua then terus belah.Well,that's all i wanted to write about really..soo..yeah.tata,fellow earthlings;)

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