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A conversation with a Retard(im joking Aina)
Saturday, September 26, 2009


you pegi berak ke apa?

mana ad
i was on the phone

just joking la

i get it

couldn't sense the sarcasm eh aina?

*aina 'hotstuff' syakirah

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One heck of a Dreamer
Friday, September 18, 2009

Just came back from the last sahur for the year:')Ate McDonalds(YUM!!)straight after we went to McDonalds we went to Pasar Tani.Mama and Papa needed to buy lemang.Came home at 7.00 on the dot.So now here i am,updating my latest blog.Waiting for everyone else to get up.But i do have Sonia,my 6 year old cousin:p She's being such an angel right now.hahahahahaha,maybe because she wants the laptop to play her Barbie games-_-'

Bye stranger:)

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A bag full of sarcasm

Today at about 3.00 went to KL to get my baju raya:)My baju kebaya was so pretty,i was like,damn son!hahahahah.Had to go home early cause we just had to wait for the 'canopy' guys.In the end,they didn't show up-_-they said that they were busy and had to cancel it on the spot.So,they'll be coming tomorrow morning instead.Went to OU after that.It was friggin' boring.Had to go home early cause we had to get ready before heading to Tropicana.The dinner at Tropicana sucked.....BIG TIME.The lights went on and off the whole time.Everytime the lights went 'POOF' my grandpa would shout,'WOI!'.I couldn't wait to go home.Reached at Opah's house at about 9.30.I didn't bring any comfortable clothes,so i took my grandma's looooonnggg pashmina and turned it into a skirt(Y)it was effing awesome.Helped mama dearest to cut the meat(yes,i cutted the meat and it was radical)Oh can't wait for raya:')I might be heading to mel's crib on the second day:p
And i'm gotta make the last sahur the best one yet!!!!!:)

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My Pretty Boy;)
Thursday, September 17, 2009
Joel Dinicol<33333

You can count on Joel Dinicol to make girls swoon:)Girls go gaga over him.He's a Canadian actor.Yes,nobody knows him..but you must admit,he's dreamy;D

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Righto Mundo;)

Ohmygod,it feels like its been a centuryyy since i last updated my blog:)Well,now's the time to start my blabbaring then.Okay,today school was fun.I arrived at school at about 12.30 p.m.Saw my friends there..rushed to them straight away(Y)Gave them their duit raya;p They were so excited hahaha.There was not much learning,just first period.It was soooo sad because it was our english teacher's last day here in the school:( She really made english seem more exciting:')Her name is Ms.Hoshini.She's definitely the best...but no worries,could just add her in facebook and still keep contact with her:)Continuing on,practically everyone brought their phones.Me and my classmates shared and listened to cool songs.Oh btw Najmuddin,i heard you calling us sluts,okaayy?!Don't need to act stupid like you didn't man-_-Keep calling girls'll end up marrying one.Ughh,so has anyone noticed that raya is like in another 2 days?I bet my pocket money everybody did.Oh when the word RAYA comes out,you will be thinking of Duit rayas,new clothes,eating in public hahaha,lemangs,rendangs,ketupats....aiyaya,it will never end.So far received a lot of texts wishing Selamat Hari Raya from my girls:')Thanks,baaaaabes!!Right now im bored cause my cousins are sleeping over.I know what you mean.aren't i supposed to be excited?I am,its just that the girls are all asleep and the boys are busy playing their PS2:(Well,whatever..just gotta make the best out of it,right?

hugs and kisses from arissa;)

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Troublemaker's my middle name
Wednesday, September 9, 2009
Ugh.....rightt now im sitting on the couch browsing the net while wearing my most favourite pink pj's.Missing my friends dearly:(
And its only been like what 1 day?hahahahahahaha

My dad is literally,forcing me to sleep.But naawww,i ain't gonna do that.
I'm just sitting here waiting,waiting and waiting for school to start.The minutes and seconds are earth-trembling.
So now i tell you,what do you do for the next 5 hours?

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As If.....
Saturday, September 5, 2009

Aina said that i should update my blog more often....pfft,i only read people's blogs than updating my own.They're more fun:)But that doesn't make me a stalker though.Okay,fine Aina,i'll TRY to update my b-b-blog more often.Righttt,back to reality now,im online shopping at this very moment.Its quite fun.I'm thinking of buying cupcakes for myself.Just to stuff my face for buka.Yes,i've fallen in love with cupcakes:)hahahahahahahahah

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While times a wasting:)
Tuesday, September 1, 2009
Show em' the money,girlfriend.

Went shopping with momma and Sha on Monday.Ahhh yess,monday.A day where momma's purse was full of my most favourite word in the dictionary....CASH(y).So,me,Sha and momma went to Charles and Keith first.It was just the three of us cause Amina went to go watch a movie with my auntie.This was yet one of the most awesomest day in me and Sha's life.And you wanna know why?Cause Amina wasn't there guarding momma's purse:)Me and Sha felt like floating,HAHA.As i was saying,we went to Charles and Keith first.Sha bought this radical pair of heels where else little me got nothing.I thought of buying these oxford heels which had like snake skin at the tip...but momma dearest said it looked ugly-_-After that we headed to Nine West.I like circled around the shop for like 3 times.And then finally,i saw these beautiful pair of gladiators which had like stones all over it(it was love at first sight*sighs).I think we shopped at Aldo after that.I told my momma that i wanted boots.She said okay and told me to look around and pick whichever one that catches my eye.There on display,were a pair of boots that were like...BAM!!Yeah,it means they were awesome.It was like pair of combat boots(not really la)but with a modern twist.Then we went to Forever 21 and the only thing i bought was a beanie.JUST a beanie.Straight away after that,we headed to the oh-so-famous Topshop.To tell you the truth i think the prices there are ridiculous.But whatever,i bought a lot of stuffs.CHEE:P And Sha being Sha almost bought half of the store.We went everywhere i tell you.Before Amina came back,me and Sha throwed away all our receipts(for safety reasons)hahahahah.I can't wait for saturday going to Telawi Street with the family:D

Till next time...this is me arissa,signing out from stupidity:)
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