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Sunday, August 30, 2009


Hahaha..look at what I found Sha.Yup,up there's a lame picture of you and me:')
I am NOT gonna delete these pictures cause I think its cute(Unless you kasi i pinjam your jacket,we could make a negotiation)
And probably your gonna scream at my ear 'ARISSA!!What the hell?!Tolong delete!'.But its okay,im use to you screaming in my ear;)
Haha y'know what?Me and Sha have been spending a lot time together since im much more older.But don't think we've forgotten about Amina.Well,sometimes we do cause she's a pain in the behind:p
Ohh,its a good thing that you have me cause i'm the only one in the family who calls you Sha and not Shasha.
HAHA,this is one of those blogs that i don't regret posting :D

P.S:Thank you for lending me some of your clothes=)

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Another day with the Superstars:)
Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Today was really awesome:)
I went to ou about three,met up with mars and tasha.
While we waited for the others,we went to zara.
They showed me this really cool pair of shoes.And we found this jacket and shoes that mars said,looked liked the kind of outfit MJ would wear.
So after that,tania called told us to meet up infront of Charles and Keith.
Tasha and Mars practically ran to Tania,right behind Tania was Mel.
All of us headed to Tokyo G to booked a table for buka puasa.
Then we went to GSC to go watch a movie.
I guess the only ticket we've gotten was 'UP'.
Ohmygod,'UP' was such a nice movie.
Okay,i must admit,all of us cried at this really sad part:')
We had to go out of the movie theatre at 7.00 cause we haven't really ordered our food yet-_-
Met Falla at at Tokyo G.Thank goodness the drinks came before buka puasa.
Actually,the food camed quite early.
While we were eating,we played like this truth game.
When we were playing,Tasha acidentally choked on a calamari that she thought was gummy bear-_-' When we finished eating Falla had to go.Tasha and me went to send her to her family.At that time,Tania,Mars and Mel were at GAP.
After sending Falla to her family,we went to Dreamworld to meet up with Mel,Tania and Mars.
We didn't have enough money for a booth:(
So instead we took pictures(Tasha's MySpace page:p)
The day ended there.....

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Friday, August 21, 2009
Oh YEAHHH,esok PUASA!Is everybody ready?I know i am.
This also means RAYA nak dekat!
Oh god,sugar rush..hahaha.
Tomorrow nobody is allowed to say bitch,baffoon or the oh so famous babi-_-
To every muslim out there..goodluck!!
And remember,don't go putting any chocolate bars into your bags:p

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yes,i'm okay.No worries.I'm ready to got to school tomorrow:)All pumped up now.

Mhmm,yeah.I cant wait to see my awesome friends:')
Oh by the way,tomorrows my august exam.
Its kinda weird.I'm actually excited for it,
Maybe cause I want it to get over with.
Gotta study,gotta study.
Eh!!'Puasa' nak dekat.
And when 'Puasa' is near....
Means 'Raya' is near!!
Gahhhh..can't wait!
Excited much,arissa?;p

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This I Swear!!!!!
Friday, August 14, 2009

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World's Most Awesome Clutch
Thursday, August 13, 2009

Its a Knuckle clutch.A purse and a ring all in one:)
From Alexander McQueen

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Pretty Thangg!!

It's kinda weird.I've been updating my blog a lot lately.Not to mention,i've also been very interested in fashion.My blog is pratically packed with pictures of shoes,bags,purses and dresses:)Interestiinngggg.....

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Errghh...stupid H1N1
Wednesday, August 12, 2009
Heyy there,muchachos:)
Today i'm not going to school because my mom told me to stay home.
Even the PM told everyone to stay at home,i heard from the news last night(nice man our prime minister,i think he wears lipgloss:o hahah)
Maybe i'll be going to school on Friday,who knows?
Well in the meantime,to all the people who have H1N1,get better soon hommies..uuuhh...i mean muchachos:)heheeheehehehe

Much love,arissa;

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

LOOK AT HER SHOES!!C,mon seriously,could you actually get killer shoes like that?

GAHHHH!!I'm just drooling looking at all those awesome shoes:p

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What Would We Do If Fashion Didn't Existed?
Monday, August 10, 2009
i like the cocktail dress and the hat on the girl on the left(;

i like this combination the most

The shoes and the bag(:


For some of us,we would just die.......EEEEEPP!!!!!

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i HATE h1n1-_-...i had to get my shot,which was likee craaaaapppp!!It hurts so badly,man.Me and my sisters got 3 of the last 5 flu shots(last 5 in the whole hospital!!)which was very lucky:')My left arm hurts very,very much sooo..DON'T TOUCH IT!!
After that,went to OU for lunch.Ate at Nando's..yummm.Didn't have the time to walk around:( straight away went home.I was so tired,i jumped on the couch,and dozed off.hahahahahahahaha

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LAS VEGAS,baby!!
Sunday, August 9, 2009
Guess what?My auntie already came home from the states!!
she bought me the world's most awesome bag:')
than she bought me a couple of tee shirts that writes Las Vegas on em'.
she took pictures of micheal jackson's house and his star on the walk of fame.
its soo sad.SHE EVEN WENT TO UNIVERSAL STUDIOS!!ugh,soo wish i could go to LA..ahahahaha:)

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M y word..we're silly=)
Monday, August 3, 2009

We had the world's most awesome photoshoot today=)I came to aina'hotstuff' syakirah's house at about 9.30(on the dot)I really thought i was the last one to come..but i laa yang paling awal datang!!-.-'so after an hour soo,they all camed,Falla,Mars,Tasha,Farah and Tania.We made a video,which yall' will never get to seeeeee:'(so sad..haha.Well,here i bid you adieu.hahaha=)

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Ohhh,hot damn
Sunday, August 2, 2009 aunty is at California right now.A week before she asked me if i wanted anything,i ONLY asked for a fringe bag:'( come to think of it,should have asked for more...dammit.anywayyss,i think i should have asked for those things up there too :(

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