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Tuesday, September 1, 2009
Show em' the money,girlfriend.

Went shopping with momma and Sha on Monday.Ahhh yess,monday.A day where momma's purse was full of my most favourite word in the dictionary....CASH(y).So,me,Sha and momma went to Charles and Keith first.It was just the three of us cause Amina went to go watch a movie with my auntie.This was yet one of the most awesomest day in me and Sha's life.And you wanna know why?Cause Amina wasn't there guarding momma's purse:)Me and Sha felt like floating,HAHA.As i was saying,we went to Charles and Keith first.Sha bought this radical pair of heels where else little me got nothing.I thought of buying these oxford heels which had like snake skin at the tip...but momma dearest said it looked ugly-_-After that we headed to Nine West.I like circled around the shop for like 3 times.And then finally,i saw these beautiful pair of gladiators which had like stones all over it(it was love at first sight*sighs).I think we shopped at Aldo after that.I told my momma that i wanted boots.She said okay and told me to look around and pick whichever one that catches my eye.There on display,were a pair of boots that were like...BAM!!Yeah,it means they were awesome.It was like pair of combat boots(not really la)but with a modern twist.Then we went to Forever 21 and the only thing i bought was a beanie.JUST a beanie.Straight away after that,we headed to the oh-so-famous Topshop.To tell you the truth i think the prices there are ridiculous.But whatever,i bought a lot of stuffs.CHEE:P And Sha being Sha almost bought half of the store.We went everywhere i tell you.Before Amina came back,me and Sha throwed away all our receipts(for safety reasons)hahahahah.I can't wait for saturday going to Telawi Street with the family:D

Till next time...this is me arissa,signing out from stupidity:)
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