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Another day with the Superstars:)
Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Today was really awesome:)
I went to ou about three,met up with mars and tasha.
While we waited for the others,we went to zara.
They showed me this really cool pair of shoes.And we found this jacket and shoes that mars said,looked liked the kind of outfit MJ would wear.
So after that,tania called told us to meet up infront of Charles and Keith.
Tasha and Mars practically ran to Tania,right behind Tania was Mel.
All of us headed to Tokyo G to booked a table for buka puasa.
Then we went to GSC to go watch a movie.
I guess the only ticket we've gotten was 'UP'.
Ohmygod,'UP' was such a nice movie.
Okay,i must admit,all of us cried at this really sad part:')
We had to go out of the movie theatre at 7.00 cause we haven't really ordered our food yet-_-
Met Falla at at Tokyo G.Thank goodness the drinks came before buka puasa.
Actually,the food camed quite early.
While we were eating,we played like this truth game.
When we were playing,Tasha acidentally choked on a calamari that she thought was gummy bear-_-' When we finished eating Falla had to go.Tasha and me went to send her to her family.At that time,Tania,Mars and Mel were at GAP.
After sending Falla to her family,we went to Dreamworld to meet up with Mel,Tania and Mars.
We didn't have enough money for a booth:(
So instead we took pictures(Tasha's MySpace page:p)
The day ended there.....

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