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Monday, June 8, 2009
Yesterday was quite fun:)went to the Bijou Bazaar with sha,waa,ana and amina.Had to go by ourselves cause mama and papa kena pegi wedding.Sha,waa and ana wanted to go early cause the day before they went late and most of the booths tinggal sikit je barangss:p Soo we went very early.Sampai je kat situ,beberapa booths sudah bukak.Look around didn't really see anything i like.Most of the stuffs were like boring.Booth yang sha nak tengok belum bukak lagii-.-' Greaat.Duduk kejap sambil menunggu booth itu untuk bukak.And theenn,sha suruh tangkap gambar by the pool.Soo,i took ana's phone and took a picture of sha,waa and ana.If I do say so myself,i'm a very good photographer:)haha.Akhirnyaa,booth itu pun bukak.Saw some flowery dresses but didn't really like them.Sha took the baju yand dia reserve(i didn't know you could reserve baju there:o).Sha wanted to buy a present for syakir.She tried on a pair of shoes that were really off the hook!haha.Amina as usual..merayau around there-.-.Had to take another picture of them( i didn't mind it at all).After that,we all got bored.Planned to walk all the waayy to telawi street to eat at McD's.I,sha,waa and amina went to telawi street(which was 12 minutes away from the bazzaar)while ana stayed at the bazaar sebab she had a booth there.Masa kitorang tengah jalan,this red car filled with boys jerit kat kitorang,.'HOI!!'.(tu lah shaaaa,pakai lagi skirt pendek!) Terlompat kita berempat:) ahaha.We all walked really fast.Finally,we reached McDonalds.We weren't that hungry,so waa ordered milo ais and nuggets while sha,i and amina shared a coke,a milo ais and large fries:D sat down and chatted for quite sometime.Then,we blast off around telawi street.We went to a shop called gossip first.Next we went to mooi and so on,and so on.Last shop we went to was Cat's Whiskers.We were so stunned to see all of those flowery dresses!I saw this really nice dress,and then i terfikir,'Maybe sha would like this dress.I should let her see it since its her last pandu puteri annual dinner.'.And theenn,sha and waa saw the dress.I and waa tried the same kind of dress like sha's but mine was pink while waa's was blue.I ngan waa didn't like our dresses but sha....sha looked stunning:)Sha decided to reserve her dress instead sebab takut takda cukup duit.Kitorang pun came down from the shop.I said to sha,'Shaa,buy lah that dress!It's in your budget!'.Sha was like..'Okaayy.I'll buy it'.Soo,me and sha went back up to cat's whiskers while amina and waa went to bangsar village.I told sha that i'm so unlucky.I can't seem to find that right dress:( Sha saw this preettyy dress and she showed it to me.Dia suruh i try on the dress.I tried it on..fits like a charm!By golly,me and sha found our perfect dresses.Mine was rm99 so was sha's.Went to bangsar,amina and waa look like they were bitten by the Boredem bug.haha.we sat down at coffee bean to figure out where next to go.Called up auntie tipa.We decided to go to ou.We waited auntie tipa outside.Saw this old man driving the most awesome vintage car ever!!Waa said to the uncle,'Nice car unlce!'.The uncle was very nice.He told us that the car is older than all of us.haha:) Auntie tipa came about five minutes later.Went off to ou.I doozed of in the car.haha..what can i say,i was tired;p Finally reached ou.Walked around met up with ilya.Amina was looking for her beach dress.That took us about half an hour-.-'.Decided to buy drinks from juice works.Sat down for awhile.Me and waa were super-duper hungry.We ate at Secret Recipe's.Mmmm..delicious,much!Then mama came,waa went home with ilya.You could say yesterday was a bit hectic..or should i say fun?:))

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