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Friday, June 26, 2009
Yesterday was soo fun man:)
it all started like this:
I went to skttdi[1] like 10 like that.terserempak dengan ekhmal and naqib i think.they said hi to me but i mcm said a really sloooww hi which was like this,'hiiii'.very blurry.sorry guys,i jalan dari rumah ke sekolah.letih gila i was saying..i went up to 6 baiduri to meet up with mel,tasha and aina.sampai je kat 6 bai,saw them lepak-ing in the class haha(kesian kena tunggu pn.noriyah finish chatting with the parents).We liked talked and talked and stared at habib yang 6 jed tu.if your reading this habib..I LOVE YOU 0.0 ahahaha.when pn.noriyah was finish,we went to salam her and went running for habib.

You could pretty much say that we stalked him.yeahhh.we chased him all the way to the canteen.he wanted to eat-.-'.We saw mr.ganesan after that.Said hello to him.Mel mcm takut gila cikgu ganesan:D Tasha and aina were like suggesting to mr.ganesan untuk buat the freaking pandu puteri kawad kaki thingy kat sk1.because the place was so big.then,mr.ganesan suruh tanya cikgu jamalludin.we didn't have the guts to ask him,haha.After that we decided to walk to mel's house.wasn't that far though.since we are girls..of course letih laa.

We waited for mel's mum to come home.when mel's mom came,we were very lapar.
mel's mum suggested for us to eat at Wak we went to Wak Chai.we were so damn hungry,man.we could eat a horse.Mel and aina ordered kuew tiau(is that how you spell it?)and tasha ordered pattaya.i think she finished dad picked me up at Wak Chai to go to ilya's house.It was raining like cats and dogs haha.i picked up farah before that and straight away went to ilya's house:) the fun really started when aina came.We played guitar hero. the wayyy, i beat aina at a song called
Mysterical Potato Head Groove.don't ask.haha so damn funny.we then ate our lunch and blasted off to school.Nasib tak lambat!!woo-hooo;)))))

THE END,Bitch:)

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