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Twenty Ten :)
Wednesday, December 30, 2009
New Years Baby:)Happy New Year To All My Fellow Frnds and Bloggers
<3 Love Your Guts !

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Forever and Always
Saturday, November 28, 2009
So many things have been going on since i last updated my blog.You can say i've gotten a bit bored at it.Lets catch up a bit.
Ilya's Birthday Party.Trip to Sunway Lagoon.Went Out With Irfan.And so on and so on.There's still a lot to come.But very ze malas to update.Oh look down there.Nuzul went into my blog and wrote that.Comel kan ?:') hahahaha and thank you again sha for making my layout 10 times awesomer ! hahaha is that even a word.

Excuse the bad english , arissa<3>

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Friday, November 27, 2009
i would like to thank shazulaikha for doing this layout for me, she is the most bestest and awesome-est bff, i love you sha♥

NatashaZulaikhaZahirudin ;)

(back to the top.) name is Nuzul..this is the first time im blogging. sooo hiii...byee..:)slamat ari raye aidiladha

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Saturday, November 21, 2009
School's Over . Are you kidding me ? :")


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Worlds Apart (:
Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pinch me if im dreaming , but are the exams over ? :')

So not dreaming ! Its really over .Today was sejarah and seni theory . Would be bad luck if i said it was okay ? Well the papers were all before rehat which was icing on the cake . Masa rehat , everyone was screaming they're ass off and shouting , 'Freedom At Last ! '. Hahaha. I couldnt agree more with them . So the plans are practically full for ze holidays . Nothing but going out with my ladies :) Puan Nafsah gave a ceramah today . I pretended to listen so i just smiled the whole way because i was seating infront . We're gonna know which class were going into for 2010 on the 7th of December . Niceee . Im heading to aina's crib tomorrow .Last day of lepaking before school:') Oh btw tomorrow is our jamuan class . Gonna bring my slr and take a kezillion pictures of everyone . The year passed so fast . With a wink of the eye , before yknow it ,schools over . Im super glad that i found very awesome friends like Sha , Aina , Mel ,Farah , Mars , Tania and Hanis .Love em to bits yo . So form 2 next year ? Yeah its gonna be tough .But we gone through the first year in high school together... who said we cant face it again next year ? ;)

Infinity X's and O's , arissa yunk <333

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Hari Canteen / Flyniversarry
Monday, November 16, 2009

Here are some of the photos ;)

Okay it was awesome.Im more of a photo person so if you wanna read about that day go to sha's blog - :)

Sincerely , arissa <3

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